CSR and sustainability advisory services

Supporting you in reaching your sustainable and global performance goals

Strengthening or implementing your CSR strategy

The expertise of our specialised teams and our dedicated service offering will help you in setting up or strengthening your CSR strategy. Our objectives are the following:

To measure

Together, we can measure your economic, social and environmental impacts, through the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions, socio-economic footprint, environmental footprint, triple accounting, impact measurement / SROI (ESS), etc. Furthermore, we can valuate tangible and intangible assets of your company, using different tools such as valuation and valuation of intangible capital of companies, valuation of assets (brand, patent, etc.), value of buildings, intangible and extra-financial due diligence, etc. Moreover, we determine your CSR maturity to drive your overall performance up: a prerequisite to define your action plan.

To design

Designing together your corporate strategy taking into account the economic, social and environmental sustainability objectives of your company. The strategy will incorporate different aspects such as the corporate mission, global corporate strategy, CSR strategy, low-carbon strategy, responsible digital strategy, circular economy strategy (strategy energy, CSR standards, …) or a strategy axed towards sustainable territory through resilience and relocation strategy, waste strategy / circular economy, sustainable real estate strategy, etc.

To act

Let’s act together to transform your business practices. We will consider social and environmental issues, energy challenges, integrating low-tech and the circular economy into your business model, commitment to responsible digital technology, etc.

To verify

Let’s work together to certify your commitment as well as your extra-financial information.

To learn

Let us integrate together the skills of sustainable development in your teams.

CSR practice at Baker Tilly

Our aptitude

Since our merger with Goodwill-management, a responsible economic performance consulting firm, we are able to support you in all of your CSR projects. And we are proud of it!

The plurality and complementarity of our expertise allow us to work with companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Whether you want to initiate a CSR approach, launch an action plan or train your teams, we provide you with the know-how and skills of our experts and the Goodwill-management teams who have actively participated since 2003 in the implementation of sustainable development in companies, the promotion of intangible assets and the transformation of practices.

In the basis of the economic reality of businesses and the measurement of its impacts, we offer CSR strategies integrated at the heart of economic models. By deploying these sustainable strategies, the company adopts a new trajectory and becomes a player in the transition.

Our service offer

Our service offering is broad, cross-functional and adapted to all the challenges facing organizations. This is a comprehensive support process, from measurement and management, to the design of the action plan and its implementation, including verification and training. Then, a new measure can be initiated, initiating a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

We develop innovative and high-level services in the fields of economics and sustainable development, with great scientific rigor. All of our methods are regularly audited by statutory auditors.

The + of our offer:

  • Know-how in sustainable development since 2003
  • Robust and auditable methodologies
  • A team of 45 experts to support you
  • Support from strategy to action

Let’s work together ! Baker tilly represents:

pictogramme immeuble 200

companies supported in 2022 by the Goodwill-Management teams

pictogramme main piece €3M

turnover in 2022 for consulting assignments in responsible economic development

pictogramme reseaux international 1

Lucie label confirming our commitment to a global policy of sustainable development

A team of experts at the service of your CSR projects

Commitment, innovation and goodwill are the values our team of experts stand by. All share the conviction that action is urgently needed and that it is possible to reconcile sustainable development and economic performance. Multidisciplinary, our team is made up of engineers, data scientists, circular economy experts and specialists in CSR, finance and economics, especially intangible capital.


R&D director - Goodwill-management


Managing Director - Goodwill-management

El Awad

Consultant - Goodwill-management

CSR expertise as seen by our customers and partners

quote To integrate social and environmental issues at the heart of its activity, a company must first measure its impact. This is why since 2003 we have been developing methodologies to measure the value created by organizations in a different way and to help them... Read more quote
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