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Baker Tilly brings its strong expertise in the audit (financial, systems and compliance) and the evaluation of your international solidarity and cooperation projects in order to ensure sound management and accountability. With the support of our globally located member firms within the Baker Tilly global consulting network, we are able to operate in nearly 150 countries in order to secure all the resources (human, material and financial) allocated to each project. Our “Audit, compliance and evaluation of international projects” activities are ISO 9001 certified.

Securing the allocated funds of each international cooperation and solidarity project requires the implementation of appropriate processes. Through a specific offer, built with specialized teams, our missions include:

Audit of one or several dimensions of international solidarity and cooperation projects:

  • Financial audit
  • Systems, organisational and technical audit
  • Evaluation of projects and programs
  • Compliance audit
  • Performance and non-financial reporting audit

Control of the proper use of funds:

  • Specific controls
  • Control of project implementation , activities and assets in the field – target areas
  • Audit of procedures and execution of public funds and grants
  • Technical assistance throughout the projects


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What are the steps of an audit mission for international solidarity and cooperation projects?

#1 Mission scoping and validation

After assessing the environment of your project, our team members can identify a precise approach, including actions to be carried out, schedule of interventions, identification of required materiality thresholds and guidelines for the development of a working program.

#2 Analysis of internal control procedures

During this pre-planning phase, we assess the procedures and the levels of implemented internal control within the framework of the project. The aim here is to identify the appropriate procedures in order to precisely assess the risks of errors related to data processing, and ultimately design a fully adapted  control program.

#3 Mission plan conception

During this decisive phase, our team relies on the identified risks of errors and e materiality threshold pre-established in the previous steps. The goal is to formalize a mission plan and a cycle-based working program that will allow the auditors to carry out their tasks .

#4 Audit performance

The auditors verify the existence, the completeness, the accuracy and the valuation of accounting balances. Through rigorous procedures, detailed tests and third-party confirmations, they also verify compliance with the principles of financial years separation, and consistency of accounting methods and rules.

#5 Finalization and issuance of reports

Once finalized, the auditors’ reports are sent to the General Assembly. These reports may contain  reservations and remarks regarding specific points. The statutory auditors’ specific diligences may also address the review of activity and  management reports, or the processing of regulated agreements.

Let’s work together ! Baker Tilly represents:

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no for profit and charity entities  supported on a daily basis

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experts dedicated to this sector  

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A hub of specialized experts

Having supported nearly 500 organizations or projects in around 100 countries, our teams are equipped with a working knowledge of financial regulations, fiduciary frameworks and procedures of the main donors. Our specialized experts are polyglots (French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), and intervene in France as well as internationally in order to provide  you with relevant advice, and audit, control and secure all your projects.


Partner - Chartered Accountant International Cooperation & NGO


Associé - Expert-comptable - Commissaire aux comptes - Référent ONG

Don’t believe our word, listen to our customers

quote The support from Baker Tilly facilitated our approach for the certification audit in a perfectly prepared fashion. The discussions ahead allowed us to organize ourselves in an adequate way, to know precisely what was expected and to mobilize the teams at headquarters and in... Read more quote
Martine Huneau
Internal Auditor
GRET – Professionals for Fair Development

Experts who know your sector

Whatever the size of your  entity, Baker Tilly can provide an expert who will be able to support you and provide you with the appropriate guidance to implement your project. Within our teams, you will find the perfect match who will understand the requirements of your sector and has experience with similar organizations, thus facilitating the understanding of your needs.

Why work with our teams?

Recognized expertise

Our teams work with several international solidarity funding or implementing organizations on a daily basis. Whether in France or internationally, these include NGOs, local, regional, national or international development agencies, public owner entities, ministries, local governments, associations, foundations and charity organisation, technical assistance and consulting companies…

They are therefore aware of their requirements, their needs and expectations. You can count on their expertise to support the deployment of your projects.

A strong presence in professional bodies

Our experts are strongly involved with stakeholders in the non-profit sector and professional bodies. They operate in various working groups, in close liaison with the HCVA (Haut Conseil à la Vie Associative) and the ANC (Autorité des Normes Comptables) and participate in the ongoing reflections on accounting, tax and legal developments in the sector, providing our clients with a forward-looking vision. We are members of: “Ordre des Experts Comptables” (OEC): non for profit committee, « La Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes” (CNCC)(Statutory auditors French institute) : working groups on the non-profit sector, restructuring the entities , taxation of associations…

Training is at the heart of our missions

The training of our staff and our clients and partners are at the heart of our mission. Our instructors are highly qualified partners who deliver education materiel  and tutorials conveying their expertise on various subjects.

In line with this tradition of high-quality teaching, we opened our “SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) academy” in 2017 as well as its resource centre. More than 80 employees perfect their knowledge of the SSE sector every year within these internal promotions.

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