Transaction advisory services

Optimize and secure the sale or buyout of a business

A dedicated service offer

  • Support in the structure of the deal
  • Support in the transfer / acquisition process and optimization of conditions of sale
  • Support of the transactional process and optimization of the conditions of achievement :

> Financial and extra-financial due diligence (ESG & IT)
> Operational due diligence
> Legal, Tax, Social Due Diligence


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Custom-made support for your Transaction services operations

Within a robust support structure for sellers and buyers, our specialized team guides you at every stage of your project, facilitating all procedures and formalities inherent to merger, acquisition, external growth or carve-out in France, and internationally.

#1 Assessing your needs

When we first meet, we assess your project, its objective, its context. This exchange is also an opportunity to introduce you to our purpose, the experts dedicated to this mission, our additional services and our various partners. We begin our actions with the signing of the assignment letter specifying the scope of our intervention.

#2 Preparation phase

After establishing the merging strategy and defining the related tax involved, we write a memorandum and a teaser to introduce investors to the company and its activity. We then collect all the information necessary for the sale and set up a confidential data room.

Based on an industry and / or geographic approach, we draw up a list of potential buyers, presenting possible synergies with the project. We approach our contacts who may also be interested in your business and submit this information to you. We validate with all stakeholders (accountants, lawyers, shareholders, etc.) the sales plan that you have agreed.

#3 Identification and selection

We approach potential investors that you have previously selected, and give them access, after signing a confidentiality agreement, to the data room. Our teams are in regular contact with these buyers, assess their skills, interests and financial capacities to continue studying the case. An on-site visit can then be organized. We put together the first letters of intent that are submitted to you upon receipt.

#4 Support for negotiation

We analyse the buyout offers and support you in selecting the one (s) that best meet the previously defined terms of sale. A counterproposal can be drawn up, if necessary. An exclusivity period may be granted to the successful purchaser. After the confirmation of a firm offer, a transfer protocol aimed at establishing the final parameters of the transaction is drawn up.

#5 Closing

We closely monitor the lifting of the conditions precedent (obtaining financing in particular) and support you until the signing of the deed.

Expert advice for your project

You can count on the availability, know-how and expertise of our specialized teams to take your project on board, whether it is an external growth operation, reorganization, sale or purchase of a business, a subsidiary or an activity. We support you throughout the transaction process by providing you with the advice and tools necessary for the success of the planned transaction.


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Questions related to transaction advisory services? Our experts answer :

What do your Vendor Due diligence reports include?

Our Vendor Due Diligence reports cover all of the analyses necessary to present a company’s financial performance (historical and forecast) as well as the subjects intrinsic to its valuation (Business Model / EBITDA / and adjusted financial debt). This is not an audit or a certification of the accounts, nevertheless VDD’s reports can reassure or comfort a buyer on the fundamentals of the company thanks to the advice of an independent third-party expert.