Business valuation

Provide you with an objective vision of the economic and strategic value of a business and its assets

Business and asset valuation services with Baker Tilly

Our team is involved in various assessment missions. You will benefit from the rigorous, in-depth and professional approach of our advisers, who will be able to support you in your evaluation projects, within a national or international context.

Evaluation in the context of a sale – acquisition operation

  • Analysis of the fundamentals of performance and the business model, identification of the determinants of value
  • Analysis and understanding of the operational performance and normative profitability of the companies studied to conclude on the real performance capacity
  • Cash and debt adjustments, NWC analysis

Valuation in an accounting context

  • The valuation inputs (global and individual)
  • Purchase price allocation (PPA): optimization of the accounting presentation
  • Impairment test: compliance with the requirements of IAS 36 (IFRS), ANC 2014-03 (French GAAP), ASC 350 (US GAAP), AASB 136 (Australian GAAP) …

Assessment in a tax and regulatory context

  • Valuation of assets temporarily dismembered
  • Full line of business valuation (APA)
  • Exchange parity estimate
  • Promotion of trademarks, patents, etc. and determination of royalty rates
  • Support in the estimation of transfer pricing

Valuation in the context of a fundraising or a capital raise

  • Valuation of start-up as part of fundraising
  • Advice and support in structuring a management package: preferred action, BSA, BSA Ratchet by Monte-Carlo simulation,
  • Valuation of quasi-equity (BSA, OC, etc.)

Damage assessment in case litigation

  • Support in the context of a dispute by the tax administration regarding the determination of the sale price of a company and / or activities
  • Litigation relating to Share Purchase Agreements (SPA) (art. 1592 and 1843-4 of the Civil Code)
  • Litigation relating to asset and liability guarantees

The + of our offer

  • A multidisciplinary team
  • Cutting-edge technical expertise
  • A close relationship
  • Tailor-made advice
  • Support in France and internationally
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A team of experts specialized in evaluation

Investors, managers… do you need the support of specialists to support your decision-making? You can count on our multidisciplinary team, made up of chartered accountants, lawyers and financial analysts, to rigorously study all of the company’s data, its assets, its potential on its market… and provide you with an objective assessment to help you make the best choice.


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