Invest in France

A successful presence on French territory

International business or group, you want to develop your business in France, create a branch, subsidiary or franchise? Do you intend to buy a French company and need advice to launch a negotiation? Are you planning to market your products, services, specific know-how or to transfer an employee to position yourself in this new market? Do you need logistical and financial advice and support before starting this project?

Our multilingual consultants (English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, Polish, Spanish …) will provide practical solutions, reliable and efficient in order to ensure full compatibility of the project with French regulations. They manage all the steps necessary for its completion and also help you to adapt your business strategy for the French market.

The steps of your expansion in France with Baker Tilly

Presentation of our support

With the same capacity as the Baker Tilly network in your country, we provide you with our expertise and know-how. We identify and present to you the contact who will ensure the follow-up of your file within our team in France.

The challenges of your project

We analyse your project and assess its strategic maturity. We explain all the major issues of setting up in France (impact in terms of funding, human resources, administrative and regulatory procedures, etc.) and present an action plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

A strategy tailored to your needs

We build your business plan to anticipate your material and financial needs. We support you in the legal, fiscal and social structuring of your establishment and put you in touch with useful contacts, promoting, in particular, the integration of your teams. We take all the necessary steps to get you started, with the same commitment and the same relevance as your advisor in your country.

International collaboration

Member of the Baker Tilly network, bringing together 658 independent accounting and business consulting firms, we work alongside you around common values and ambitions, to ensure the success of your project in France. Trust and proximity are at the heart of our relationships. The same level of services is thus offered to you, both in the support phase and for the daily monitoring of your business. 

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Invest in France with Baker Tilly

In order to maximize the chances of success of your project, our teams provide you with their knowledge of the French market as well as their diverse and complementary skills in terms of accounting, social, legal, auditing and consulting expertise. Trusted advisors, they strive to provide sustainable solutions to integrate this market serenely.

Support and advice for the creation of a company, a subsidiary

Implement all the legal formalities for a successful establishment in France, support you in the legal and tax structuring of your project.


Find supporting and financial partners, sources of financing available in France (tax credit, export loan, etc.) and abroad.

Recruitment and payroll

Support you in managing the mobility of your teams, or recruiting one or more employees for your French site (projection of payroll costs, HR assistance in terms of integration / life cycle / termination, registration of the foreign employer (E0 form), social registrations (social security, retirement, unemployment, life insurance and health insurance …), monthly payroll process and social declarations, fiscal resuirement and personal assistance).

Accounting and annual financial statements

Support you in keeping your accounts and preparing financial statements, ensure reliable monitoring of your activity, restate French accounting in accordance with IFRS, US and UK GAAP

Tax assistance

Bring you our local expertise in tax and compliance, transfer pricing, indirect taxes (VAT, customs fees)

Lets work together ! This is what Baker Tilly is about :

With more than 60 years of expertise in supporting companies and developing their activities, Baker Tilly assists 35,000 managers on a daily basis in accounting, social, tax and legal missions, as well as audit and advisory. Our Baker Tilly network facilitates best practice sharing of capacities, aimed at the success of your project.

pictogramme reseaux international 1

dedicated international department. A team with multidisciplinary skills for the building of your business plan, your fundraising, your merger and acquisition operations…

pictogramme expert baker tilly +60

years of experience of accounting and advisory in France

pictogramme groupe collaborateurs 43000

employees within the Baker Tilly International network. A close relationship, with global reach, shared skills for a tailor-made service

A team of experts attentive to your needs

Thanks to a network of 60 local offices, our advisers have a solid knowledge of local territorial economies and a strong presence in France. They provide tailor-made support, help you understand and access the French market in all industries.

Our multicultural international team


Partner CPA


Partner CPA


Partner Lawyer - Corporate, M&A and Commercial - Oratio Avocats


Partner - Chartered Accountant International Cooperation & NGO


Tax lawyer

Experts who know your business

Regardless of the size of your company, or your industry sector, you will find at Baker Tilly the specialist expert who will be able to support you and provide you with the appropriate advice to implement your project. You will find, within our teams, experts who perfectly understand the requirements of your sector, who have already supported clients working in your field, facilitating the understanding of your needs, and the steps to be taken.

Why call on Baker Tilly to invest in France ?

Facilitate your success on the French market

Calling on our dedicated teams allows you to better understand the setup of your organization, your team, your business development in France (Metropolitan or the overseas territories). Supported by our experts, you reduce the risks and considerably increase the chances of success of your project.

Understand all the mechanisms allowing the financing of your project

Various financial resources may be offered to you to set up business in France and facilitate the export of your products. But which are the most suitable? Our experts assist you and advise you to choose the most relevant solutions with regard to your objectives and challenges.

Time saving 

Our teams support you at every step of your project: they free you from complex administrative tasks or legal procedure, offer you the opportunity of relevant contacts, participate, if necessary, in the adjustment of your organization, all in a timely manner.

A multidisciplinary network supporting your business in France

Baker Tilly draws its strength and efficiency from the complementarity of its expertise. It is this multidisciplinary approach that allows us to guarantee the quality of our services, our advice, taking into account your various challenges and the adaptation of our offer in terms of your business development; a transversal offer making it possible to meet multiple needs.

Law firm dedicated to business law and litigation

Responsible economic performance consulting firm

Remuneration and social protection of the manager

National loan brokerage network

Factoring and credit insurance

Management of professional and personal assets

Management of professional and personal assets

Insurance and contract audit

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